Security & surveillance systems

The slightest security flaws can present enormous risks to the safety of individuals and disrupt businesses in big ways. Modern security systems are expected to perform multiple roles of monitoring, detecting, alerting, deterring, and preventing intrusion, theft and vandalism. That’s why these systems need to be meticulously designed and integrated in order to guarantee the protection of people, property and information.
We look at security as a holistic concept wherein a network of surveillance, access control, and alarm systems involving closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, video management software, motion detectors and burglar alarms work in unison to enable faster response to security incidents. Human error risks can be mitigated further through central and remote monitoring of surveillance systems.

Surveillance and intrusion protection are not the only benefits of having integrated security systems. The vast amount of data gathered and stored by surveillances systems can be analyzed to study the behavior of intruders, identify security flaws, and prevent future incidents. These features can be extended to study customer behavior in certain industries such as retail, where surveillance equipment can be equipped with additional functionalities such as people counting, queue management and facial recognition to gather business intelligence and convert visitors to customers in an unobtrusive manner.


Benefits of Ignitechs security and surveillance systems

  • Enhanced 24×7 security
  • Faster emergency response
  • Real-time video analytics
  • Compatible with analog and digital systems
  • Central monitoring of surveillance systems
  • Remote access, configuration, and control
  • Integration with BMS and life safety systems
  • Low maintenance

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