Building & home automation

A commercial or residential property controlled by a building automation system (BAS) is the epitome of a safe, secure and energy-efficient environment. Having a centralized platform for the monitoring, control and management of mechanical, HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, and security systems not only optimizes the operational performance of a building but also maximizes its energy efficiency and enhances the safety and comfort of its occupants.

Home automation and guest room management systems, which are extensions of BAS, allow the same levels of flexibility in internetworking devices within a residential property or hotel room to control and monitor all functions as well as visualize the performance and operations of all systems via touch screen panels.
Building and home systems, when interconnected well by a professional system integrator, leads to higher productivity, lower operating costs and ultimately energy conservation, a highly relevant topic nowadays for both manufacturers and consumers.

Rising energy costs and increasing awareness among tenants, hotel guests and property buyers to demand energy efficiency along with comfort, safety, and security have prompted real estate developers to build sustainable properties. This presents a strong case for property owners, developers and managers to implement a BAS to reduce operating costs and enhance user comfort and safety. Building and home automation systems need to be designed to minimize energy wastage through continuous tracking of power consumption and usage patterns.

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Our approach to system integration for building and home automation is independent of proprietary standards, protocols, and legacy systems. We aim towards creating intelligent buildings with interoperable systems. Our expertise lies in mixing and matching devices and interlinking hardware and software from different manufacturers to build communication network infrastructures for the seamless integration of building automation, security and IT systems.

Benefits of Ignitechs BAS

  • Centralized data monitoring and control
  • Distributed intelligence
  • Scalable open architecture
  • Failure detection and fault diagnosis
  • Energy metering, monitoring and management
  • Reduced utility, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Increased safety and security for occupants
  • Improved lifestyle for occupants
  • Improved ROI over the building life cycle

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